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Hi there! I’m an artist, wife, mom, ama, organic gardener, chicken keeper, resource junkie and patent holder, and this is my website. I live in New Jersey, by the beach, dream of being a flower farmer, and living and painting in a studio in Italy.

Welcome to my site, like me, it is a work in progress. Feel free to click around and don’t hesitate to contact me either by email or text.

In addition to my paintings, I will be using this site as a tool to develop mymaddogz stories and introduce them to the universe.

Guardians of spirit and protectors of the small, maddogz comes in all shapes and sizes. maddogz hail from the redwood forest, and spend time among other magical creatures. As we are each journeying toward discovering our true selves, the magic of the maddogz lives within each of us.

What began as a series of original artwork, these mythical and legendary creatures have been in my mind for far too long. Soon, you’ll be able to meet them and my hope is that you will become as fond of them as I.


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My paintings are visual documentations of memories, thoughts and feelings surrounding an event or series of events; sacred moments in our everyday life; meditations on the possibilities of an afterlife; or really anything that has had a profound impact on my life.  It could be as simple as saving the life of a carpenter ant that ventured into my space or a hornworm on the stalk of a tomato plant raised from seed.

To me they are internal landscapes and visual prayers. They are reminiscent of woven textiles, crocheted lace gifted by my grandmother or made by me, and both personal and found objects.

A memory from childhood once revealed and explored, often triggers other memories. Quickly recorded as vignettes or hastily drawn, lest I forget, the paintings and images that follow may appear random but that is hardly the case.  The images in my mind and art are attached to ideas and have a story to tell. I am fascinated by the idea of chance and the repetition of pattern and imagery.  If repeated often enough, perhaps they will stick and I will remember. 

If not, I have the visual to aid in my memory, which is diminished or non existent due to negative childhood experiences.

In the studio, I crank up music to turn off my brain while exploring these ideas;  my obsession with weaving liquid line, the idea of chance; the complexity of birth right and ancestry; the depth of and layers of ones personality; the dichotomy of good and evil and one God. 

The fragility of life itself – the veil between life and death and the hereafter, and the fluids that sustain life are threaded throughout in my art. The reduction of form to fluid linear pattern and line is the result after exploring and simplifying thought. Eliminating imagery is my ultimate goal.   

Historically, veiling has been used to protect and separate oneself through religion as a shield, to mask, to honor, to cover, to represent sanctity and purity etc. …….By chance, the grid emerges through these layers of liquid line and my obsession shifts to the contrasting elements of control and lose of control.  It is here that I get lost and seduced by the paint itself.

As in life, the fate of my painting is largely determined by choice and chance. There is an odd satisfaction for me surrounding the manipulation of paint as it is applied to the supportive surface. 

Through this process and the reduction of form, my paintings become non-verbal expressions of ideas not easily articulated with words. Mediations or a prayer.

We pulse. They pulse. We move, spatially and hopefully spiritually. We are always in flux as are the bodily fluids that flow beneath our skin. We do not see them but know they are there. The liquid that flows, pulses and sustains life.

Nothing is constant. Everything unpredictable. 

Alterations, marks, scraping, shifts in planes, and images covered up or partially visual are all vital to the whole. The process becomes more important and transformational than the final piece.

Only people are precious.

Nothing ever is or should be the same.  

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